Call of the Wild

by Jack London. A book review.

…the rope was off his neck. That had given them an unfair advantage; but now that it was off, he would show them. They would never get another rope around his neck.


The Call of the Wild
The Call of the Wild by Jack London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked up the “Free Edition”, and purchased the Audible Whispersync for Voice or Immersion Reading for $2.99 which Audible did not screwed up for once! So this review covers both the ebook and the Audible audiobook. I read it on August 12, 2016.
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I really liked it and recommend this book to all readers. It is a classic for good reason. My 4 of 5 star rating is probably an insult, but I was comparing the book to White Fang which I really loved. The hard thing with giving any rating is that it is subjective. Whether the reviewer realizes it or not, their rating is almost certainly relative to something else.
Call of the Wild is very similar to White Fang. Rather than the coming of age story of a young wolf, it is instead about “Buck”, a large and powerful St. Bernard-Scotch Shepherd. Unlike White Fang Buck starts in a happy home in Santa Clara Valley, not born into the wild. Buck is dog-napped by one of his owner’s servants in order to cover the shortcoming of his gambling vice. So begins Buck’s life moving ever northward and driving him to his inner Call of the Wild. Continue reading “Call of the Wild”