A Criminal Defense

by William L. Myers Jr.

“…Forcing me to look at your lying face, holding down my anger, trying to make sure we all aren’t destroyed by this goddamned disaster.”…The rage I’ve held back for so long finally overtakes me… when I finally stop and gather myself…the wine bottle missing from the coffee table, the TV screen in shards, and the deep red stain dripping down the wall just like the blood…


A Criminal DefenseMy rating: 4.5 stars alawyer win rating

Amazon ebook and Whispersync audiobook, read/listened in 2017 on 5/20 to page 238, and on 6/9 to the end. I loved it (4½ of 5) 😁 and recommend it.

In addition to being a standard lawyer suspense novel, the type that first caught my attention when I binged on John Grisham’s 1991 –The Firm, 1992 – The Pelican Brief, 1993 – The Client, it is also a mystery with more twists than a pretzel.
A Criminal Defense Rating Chart
I’m certain the genre was around before John Grisham but, for me, he turned the genre from Graham Crackers into Hershey’s Chocolate.

In March 2017 William L. Myers Jr.‘s  A Criminal Defense looked more appealing to me than the other Kindle First offerings that month. I’m glad I bumped this one to the top of a very long list of “to read” books.

William L. Myers, Jr Our author, Mr. Myers, gets us into the story quick enough. His protagonist, Mick McFarland is standing outside the home of a convicted murderer’s mother who has begged him to appeal her only son’s hopeless murder case. Mick took the case pro bonoa and has lost two costly appeals already but his Hail Maryb legal maneuver was caught in the end zone, so now Justin Bauer will be getting a new trial. The mother has been so distraught she no longer answers the phone. So Mick is at her door to try to give her the good news. Great that Justin will get a new trial, nightmare that Mick’s firm will be likely go broke from the trial.
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Doubt by C.E. Tobisman

Performed by Carly Robins. An Audiobook Review.

The closer she gets to justice the further she gets from the law.


CE TobismanListened on 8/10/16 to 77%, and again on 8/18/16 to the end. I really liked it. 4 of 5 stars. I recommend this book wholeheartedly, first to the lovers of the genre, and second to anyone who enjoys any genre.
ImmediateThumbs up h150w198ly I said to myself this is by Marcia Clark. I tried to pin it down exactly. It was an audio-book, so it may have been the same reader. I thought the vocabulary, voice, tempo, and cadence sounded like “Blood Defense” by Marcia Clark. My bad.

I soon forgot the similarity as I was consumed by a murder within the first few pages. Once hooked around 7pm, it was still refusing to let go at midnight. I didn’t make into bed until well past 3 AM. The last 3 hours of debate in my head, at each new chapter, was regarding my ability to remain awake. At chapter 15 the sandman was winning the battle and I was forced to stop.
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