It’s all broken, sorry.

Near all images in the blog are stored on in a personal account.  For reasons beyond my knowledge or understanding, the domain has been locked by “Registry”.  Postimg is still hosting the images and they are all still where they should be, except to access them I’ll have to change every image from to “” in every link.

Franky, I don’t have the time and even when I was posting twice a week for a months, my views were going down to ZERO for weeks on end.  So, what’s the point?

I mean, I like to share my opinions of books.  I have over 40 years experience writing, & editing, and 60 years of avid reading, including a few hundred books on writing.  So while sharing my views is fun, my ego isn’t so starved that I care to spend 8 hours a week putting out 2 reviews a week and only I see them.

So… the appearance of the reviews are diminished and I thought it a nice touch to add the images as I thought that helped illustrate the reviews.   The content of the reviews remain.

Should I every have time I will fix the images, and should I ever care to share my reviews here again… well I’ll do that too.

Thanks to the folks who did read my reviews.  I know who you are and am grateful you “liked” the reviews.  I still check in on you from time to time and continue to enjoy your blogs.

Norm Davis