Back to War

by C. G. Cooper

The young man was five feet away and had a look on his face that Shorty wasn’t expecting. Shorty thought the young man would be scared shitless. Instead, his pursuer looked stone cold determined without the smallest trace of fear. What the…? Shorty thought.

Back to War (Corps Justice, #1)Back to War by C.G. Cooper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Explicit LanguageBack to War is the title of a book about Cal Stokes, a recent honorably discharged Staff Sergeant in the Marines who had been awarded the Navy Cross. Engaged to his beloved Jessica they were attacked while on a date by a local gang.It was an initiation for a new member of the gang and was otherwise meaningless.

The gang intended to do some harm, but not kill the couple. Beating the guy was definitely in the plan, what they would do to the girl wasn’t clear. The gang initiate, “Shorty” was armed with a knife and a mallet. The attack was well planned. Cal and Jessica were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

When the gang member grabbed Jessica and dragged her into the alley, Cal was instantly “Back at War”. The other gang members moved in and blocked the alley so “Shorty” could do some damage to the pursing Cal. Dante West, the gang leader was already in the alley to evaluate the new recruit in action.

More would be wandering into spoiler country but I don’t mind revealing that the war is between Dante West, the gang leader, and Cal Stokes, the ex-Marine who’s friends and family were up to the task of challenging a powerful gang leader. Cal didn’t want help, but Marines of his valor and gallantry are never without friends, and he was from a family of decorated and respected Marines.

The book isn’t by Tom Clancy, but C. G. Cooper isn’t a literary slouch. It’s a rather short fast paced novel that manages to stuff a lot of information into it and keep the reader turning pages. By the end of the novel I was ready for book two in the series.

The book is written much like a script of a movie but is three times the length of a normal movie script. Irrelevant to me as I mostly listened to the audiobook while doing some long boring chores. It made 6 hours of mindless work go by pleasantly.

I recommend the book, and I’ll be reading more in the Corps Justice Series.

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