At a Crossroads

by Norm Davis aka Aegiswiz

And believe I’ll just sit here a bit.


Some time ago I was struggling to catch up with book reviews having at least 30 I wanted to write.  I put a lot of time into the reviews and actually worked rather hard at it.

I never really expected anything to come of it except I liked that I could do more, be more creative on WordPress than on Goodreads. So I was excited about that.

I do have 30+ years experience in the writing field, mostly doing critiques on unpublished manuscripts and helping people improve their writing.  That’s a uniquely difficult avocation as critiques by their nature are criticism and even when folks are asking for you to be honest with them, when you are, they are usually very unhappy about it. Not always, there are some wonderful folks who love to improve their craft and know how to take what they can use and leave the rest, remaining grateful that you’ve shared your experience with them.

I’ve done my own writing over the years as well. Oddly it is fiction I enjoy writing, editing, and critiquing, and non-fiction is what I was routinely paid for writing.

I burned out with editing and critiques some years ago.  I’ve never stopped reading so thought I would enjoy writing book reviews. I enjoyed what I did and then the wonderful folks among WordPress bloggers “liked” some of my reviews and even had ONE comment over the last year or so.

So recently I decided to take it more seriously and posted a review every Monday and Thursday for a month or two and it was as if my blog had dropped off the internet.

This gave me cause to think about this. While I began doing this blogging believing I didn’t care much what anyone thought, I was just doing it for myself. I was working hard and a lot of hours and the results were going backwards. I believe the one or two folks who always liked my reviews and made my day each time I posted had unsubscribed or stopped following.

I get that and have no ill will or hard feelings towards anyone, but after working so hard and having things go backward as a result I had to admit to myself that I do care.

It wasn’t just the blog and reviews, I had a bout of health issues and found myself struggling to keep up with daily chores let alone sharing anything online.

I don’t want to be rash and just delete the blog entirely, but these recent series of events have left me in a place where I know care more about the blog and the reviews, but have lost the will to do much about it.

I want to thank you wonder folks who have encouraged me and who have been so kind towards this blog. It meant a lot to me. Perhaps when or if things make a turn toward the better in my personal life I’ll find myself wanting to share book reviews or other opinion and commentary. Until then, thanks again for all the love. You’ve all been wonderful.

Keep up your beautiful efforts.  I’ve visited each blogger who liked any post I made and there are a lot of talented people out there and some beautiful souls whose blogs are like a beacon of light upon a hill.  A lot of characters who are just a joy to behold.  You’ve enriched my life and I’m grateful I’ve had the chance to run across a great number of you.