Suck My Cosmos

by Steven Campbell

I did not consider myself a great lover. In fact, epic poems had been composed about how bad at intercourse I was.

I knew my strengths and I knew myweaknesses. I prided myself on that.

When I spent the night with Malla, it was clear something was wrong based on my prowess in the bedroom. Throwing around cars, sprinting across the city screaming, that was nothing compared to my acrobatics and stamina in bed that night. I started to believe that Malla had been sorely regretful about seducing me.


Stephen_Campbel_Suck_comboIts_the_best_Skm_CosSuck My Cosmos by Steven Campbell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars. Recommend to Sci Fi Humor fans. I believe everyone would enjoy Steven Campbell’s wonderful creation “Hank” and the wonderful sense of humor that comes from Hank’s point of view.

Suck_My_Cosmos_Rate_ChartFolks who make honest attempts to review a “later” book in a series of books and do not want to include spoilers are stuck with saying little more than, “Wow, this is another good Hank book.” There’s little to say that won’t spoil it for other Hank fans. It’s pretty much “more of the same” but different, like Steven Campbell has proven he can do expertly.
Besides Hank, another constant is Belvaille, the space station where Hank lives.

After book one, “Screw the Galaxy”, super fans like myself devour everything available in Hank’s world, which at that time, for me, led to some short stores on Delovoa and “Early Hank”. For the most part, in the primary novels of Hard Luck Hank, Delovoa seems a boarish and sometimes uninteresting character. Reading the short stories on Delovoa fill in the blanks so that any later mention of Delovoa is going to have you suddenly grabbing your seat anxious with whatever unexpected thing is about to happen.

In this outing Bellvaille is once again unbelievably changed. Many of Steven’s most wonderful characters return. Garm, and Delovoa are still hanging on… Even Wallow the Therezian makes an appearance. After that a reviewer has to think…. this is book 4… and you know there’s a book 5, 6, and a scheduled 7… and almost certainly more in the future. What can you say that is not a spoiler?

I’ll try…

Hank has a new “assistant”, Cliston? At one point in the book I was mentally threatening Mr. Campbell if a sudden absence of “Cliston” remained permanent. To me, Cliston almost instantly reached the same level of “precious character” as Garm, Wallow, Delovoa, and even “Hank”.

Mr. Campbell does have the creative prowess to throw in some real jaw dropping “What?’s” in each new book. Also each book I’ve read after “Screw the Galaxy” I’ve been, “What?” at the beginning, as Belvaille is not the Belvaille of old.

It is somewhat like Star Trek’s Enterprise in that each outing you’re beamed down to somewhere new. It’s still Belvaille, but since the last novel there has been some changes. At first, having loved the earlier Belvaille, one is a bit disappointed. But before long, you’re back in love with (the new) Belvaille.

HankThe perfect audience are Sci Fi Humor Fans. I think anyone who likes humor with a slapstick tint will love it. I listened as well as read this book. Liam Owen, who reads the Hard Luck Hank books does a remarkable job, if you’d like to hear a sample of the audiobook, just click on the small Hank to the right.

Read in 2016 on 7/11 to page 132, on 7/17 to page 217, on 7/26 to the end.

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