by Terry Goodkind

It was a sight of hope, of love, and at the same time it was horrifying to know it meant death for her.
“This is her choice,” Nicci said as if reading Kahlan’s mind. “She is doing what she must, and doing it of her own free will.”


Warheart Book Cover SMgeek-sundryapprvTerry Goodkind by Sandy Aquila, Photographer.jpgThe last book in the Wizard’s First Rule series, in the “Richard and Kahlan” adventures. Whatever you’re going to call it, Richard and Kahlan’s adventures are forever fading in the memory of Terry Goodkind. May they rest in peace.

Read and or listened to audiobook in 2017 on 2/19 to page 86, on 3/4 to page 123, on 3/6 to the end. I loved it

Severed Souls Spoilers

One reason I rated Severed Souls as highly as I did

is that Terry Goodkind had the guts to kill of Zedd, Richard’s grandfather and a steady fatherly counselor since book one having also been the First Wizard and having named Richard The Seeker.

There have been many times over the series I’ve wondered… since Zedd had done “this thing” why couldn’t he fix “that thing”. There will always be inconsistencies in a series with over ten books.

Mr. Goodkind also killed Kahlan, leaving Richard desperately alone with his soulmate ripped from him. He seemed breathless with terror of the loss and dread of living without her.

But that is was “Severed Souls“. We begin “Warheart” at a funeral pyre as well.


pyreRichard Rahl, Lord Rahl, The Seeker, husband to Kahlan, the Last Confessor, is dead and his body is upon the burning pyre. All his beloved friends, his elite guards surround the pyre and only wait Kahlan’s word to set it to torch. Richard is in his War Wizards uniform, days dead. She had seen his soul descending into the darkness, weighed down by the demons of the underworld, their wings wrapped tightly around him. There was no possibility of escape. In saving her he had to die, it was the only way.

In her grief and desperation she had forced Ludwig “Lord” Dreier to use an occult anti-aging spell on his corpse, trying to give him a chance to find a way out of the underworld and return to his not so decayed body, but it has been too long.

Richard had lit Zedd’s funeral pyre and she knew Richard would want her to light his. The author stretches this emotional cataclysm out for chapters. Then there is cause for her to insist on seeing the Red Witch before burning the body. She knows not why, just that it is a crazy “Richard thing”.

I could go much deeper into this novel without spoiling a lot. But if you’ve read through Severed Souls you’re going to read Warheart despite anything good or bad that can be said about it. And I have read the best of the rotten reviews of this book. (Eric Allen’s Review“)

Richard is THE protagonist of the series and Kahlan decides not to burn him, so the quest begins. First to get Richard out of the underworld, but you can trust that will only be the beginning of his troubles. As if being dead isn’t trouble enough. Then enjoy the routine Terry Goodkind roller coaster to an exciting conclusion which left me thinking about the future of this fantasy universe.
End Spoilers

By confession of Terry Goodkind, we’ve reached the end of Richard and Kahlan adventures.

The Richard and Kahlan universe does continue as Mr. Goodkind has already published one Nicci and Nathan novel, “Death’s Mistress” and volume II is scheduled for Jan 9, 2018.
As fantasy series goes, I loved this one. The hook that really reeled me in was the Wizard’s First Rule. I was at a time and place in my life that reading something so bold as to blurt out “People are stupid” was sunshine on a rainy day for me. I have to confess I read more than one of these books only to find the next Wizard’s rule, and none were as brilliant as the first.

I do believe that “something happened” with Terry Goodkind. The rumors ran as far as the imagination can take a fan crazed gossip driven internet. The rumor that stuck with me, true or false, was “stroke” and that broke my heart. Shortly after I was reading the Pristinely Ungifted arc in the series and that was NOT my favorite feeding my anxiety was that Terry had lost the touch. Most the people I know who gave up on the series did so between books 5 and 10. I was shocked at how many folks just set one of these books down and never picked it up again.

I know it happens. I recall a number one bestselling fantasy novel that was over 800 pages back when 500 pages was “way too long”. I loved it but near its climax it took a twist that turned my stomach. I kept reading, reluctantly and with determination but struggled each time I faced that book after that distasteful twist in the story line. The last time I put it down I had one and one half pages to go. I never picked it up again. I don’t recall the book’s name but do recall it was fun. The primary characters were routinely running into famous people, real and imaginary, as I recall, but that’s all I remember.

With so many fan sites and so much info about the Sword of Truth books being out there, I believe a person could choose to read some books and not others. I’ve read the series twice now, thanks to audiobooks. For fantasy fans I wouldn’t miss the first book. That may carry you into the second book but from there you’re on your own. These days when I hear of a terrific book and it appears to be the first book in a trilogy I usually pass. If the trilogy is published and there is rumor of more, I usually wait a good while. Thank George R. R. Martin for that particular book prejudice.

In the end, and this is the end… If you read this far into the series you are not going to skip this book even if you loved Eric Allen’s review.

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