Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1

by Brian Michael Bendis, David W. Mack (Illustrator), Michael Gaydos (Illustrator), Bill Sienkiewicz (Illustrator)

book cover Jessica Jones Alias 1 This book was started and discarded to my Unfinished-discarded pile. No rating.

I recommended it as I sincerely wanted to read it.

It is a graphic novel. That is a 200+ page comic book.  In my day comic books were never 200 pages.  You were lucky if you could beg, or have a fit, or whatever worked to get your mother to let you have that ten cent comic book at the checkout stand of the local store.

I had to discard this “graphic novel” for the sake of my eyes. Everything I read these days is on a tablet… or is on a tablet in audiobook format that can be streamed to a very loud bluetooth speaker that I can actually hear.  My ears are about as good as my eyes, probably worse.  I worked on jet engines at one point and it wasn’t manly to wear ear protection.  So I was manly then and near deaf now.

I actually did wear lots of ear protection but those engines are like 180+ decibels.  There is no effective ear protection standing eight feet from that kind of noise.

Comic books just aren’t a good format to be reading on a 7″ tablet.  I have nothing against them.  I’m sure I read every Archie comic printed before 1964, when I discovered the new releases of Doc Savage stories and started reading “real books”.

That’s actually untrue, I started reading real books much sooner.  I think I read every baseball biography I could find at the library long before I discovered Doc Savage.  They were “real books”.  I can remember some of them better than the books I finished last week.  They tell me it is age, not Alzheimer’s.

I had never heard of Jessica Jones until Netflix produced a few episodes. I watched all of them and didn’t really get a good understanding of the Jessica Jones superhero character so wanted to learn more. This was offered free as part of my benefit package as an Amazon Prime member.

If you’re interested in 200+ page comic books, this one is out there along with several companions. I thought the TV series Jessica Jones character was probably a more interesting character in the world of Marvel comics that I never knew about. Never knew about Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, or the Punisher either.

I suppose I should be flogged for such lack of knowledge of the high literature formats, but that is probably painful. Since I already have more than my share of pain, I’d like to just pass and be called vulgar names if no one objects.

If you pay for Amazon “Prime” membership they have a “new” reading benefit that lets you read from a rather large collection of books for free. This series is among those books.  I suppose it isn’t a really new benefit, but it is new to me.  Vulgar names again…. I’ll skip the flogging.