The Fiery Cross

by Diana Galbadon

He explained, “In the Highlands of Scotland, when a chieftain would set himself for war, he would burn the fiery cross, and send it for a sign through the lands of his clan. It was a signal to the men of his name, to gather their weapons and come to the gathering place, prepared for battle.”


The Fiery Cross (Outlander, #5)The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read in 2016 on 12/16 to page 76, on 2/17 to page 84, on 12/18 to page 128, on 12/19 to page 422, on 12/24 to page 507, on 12/25 to page 735, on 12/28 to page 996, on 12/29>1051, on 12/30 to the end.Fiery Cross Rating-

I really liked this book even putting aside other books in favor of finishing this book, but it doesn’t rise to I loved it. I do recommend it to Gabaldon’s Outlander series fans most passionately. Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon SM
How do you summarize a fifth book in a series of at least 8 books without just blasting out spoiler after spoiler? I can’t.

Also this book is over 1200 pages. I did manage to finish it in under a month, but my memory isn’t up to the job of holding this kind of complicated plot, let alone report on this book. Well I’ll give you a tip about the book’s title….

Jamie bent and pulled a torch from the fire…. He paused, to let the Germans catch up. “But let this fiery cross stand as testament to our honor, to invoke God’s protection for our families—until we come safe home again.”
Fiery Cross

I did learn some things that did move me about the series in this book and a couple things that gave me pause. For example, having studied writing, I know if there’s a big gun on display over the fireplace prominently described in act 1, it will likely show up again by act 3.

Move to the Outlander series. There’s a graveyard mentioned in passing in book 2 that seems little more than a plot tool… Three Outlander books, an entire Lord John Series,  over 3000 more Outlander pages, and countless scenes later, this graveyard pops up like that gun in act one. My attempt at a non spoiler point is, it is more exciting the better I pay attention. The more pay attention the more  I realize this is an amazing work… the entire series. Fiery Cross soldiers 2SM

I’ve read series like Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule and I watched Isaac Asimov sew together several fantastic series over 30 years into one universe, and many others series by amazing authors. I’ve never quite had the awe that I’ve had in the writing of this series. I think it can only be truly appreciated the deeper you get into the series.

Oh… I still think Dean Koontz walks on water and there are plenty of amazing writers, but Diana Gabaldon deserves every award and all the praise she gets. She’s just that good.

I also mentioned it gave me pause. I’m 5 books into the Outlander series and I know these characters are aging but I’m also realizing there are so many more books… I am hoping I do not run across spoilers and that Diana will be kind to her major characters. As a writer I know it is dramatic to kill off people that shock your audience, but I love all these folks. I fear the next book since we are entering areas where death is unavoidable. I don’t know. Maybe Diana can keep enough lovable characters alive to keep me coming back.  This series is worth a read.

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