Killing Floor

by Lee Child
I WAS ARRESTED IN ENO’S DINER. AT TWELVE O’CLOCK. I was eating eggs and drinking coffee.

Doors burst open, policemen jumped out. Two from each car, weapons ready. Two revolvers, two shotguns. This was heavy stuff. One revolver and one shotgun ran to the back. One of each rushed the door.


Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, #1)Killing Floor by Lee Child a Jack Reacher Novel and Audiobook. Read/Listened in 2016 on 11/25 to page 170, on 12/4 to page 248, on 12/23 to the end. I really liked it. I recommend it for those action adventure suspense fans who want to dig into Lee Child’s creation of Jack Reacher.  Killing Floor sm

I’m glad I had watched a Jack Reacher movie.

killing floor thumbs up in rain smAbout the book… I was only checking the acoustics of the audiobook before loaning it out and several hours later had shut it off and crawled into bed… marking in the book and audiobook where I had left off.

The Jack Reacher on the big screen and in the ebook are two entirely different characters in my opinion. May be that at some point he becomes the “movie Jack Reacher”. I can imagine Lee Child growing Reacher into the “movie character” in later books, but do not really have a clue.

Jack is a loner. Unlike other super-hero-military-supermen-of-skills-beyond-Navy-Seals… He’s an Army brat who took up the profession of his father… the military. Then served as military police.

I was Army and in some unique units. I had buddies in the military police so Jack Reacher as that “movie guy” wasn’t ringing true to me. There was one point in the book that did make me think…. “Oh, yeah.”

Military Police are the guys who haul in Navy Seals who have gone astray of the law. That gave me a new respect for the profession in relation to being military super-skills kind of guy. Reacher had left the Army before retirement for honorable reasons but none of that appeared to make Jack Reacher happy about it. As we are introduced to him he is simply a hobo. His term. At the start of the book an barage of cops surround him and arrest him as he is eating breakfast in the small city of Margrave he had wandered into.

He had heard about a semi-famous old black musician who had died many years before in that city and he just wanted to ask around and get some background to fill in the joy of listening to the old jazz player’s music. His brother had once told him the old jazz player was buried in Margrave and so when the bus he was riding approached the city, he asked the bus to stop. Reacher walked 14 miles in the rain to the diner where he was eating breakfast.

killing floor reacher rainAs he ate the entire police department arrived in swat team like manner and haul Jack to Jail. Thirty minutes later he is fully aware that he is wrapped up in a box with bow, guilty of murder, no doubt about it, and if things went south may just be in prison by the end of the day.

That’s exciting enough to start any thriller, suspense, mystery novel but you’re in for a roller coaster ride. Approaching the final pages I was still prepared for any number of unexpected twists. Worth reading.

Killing floor-money-pile-man-chair-sl(Yeah… these last images do hint at content in the book)Killing Floor Pile-of-Cash crop

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