Well, lets see if fate is better to me this year than previous years!


INaNoWriMo_2016_WebBadge_Participant-200.png wanted anyone interested in this blog to know that there is a lot more coming.

I’m 14 book reports behind schedule.  I’ll get to them and to the ones that will build up before I get to those 14.

I’ve currently been spending a lot of my time helping a friend with their creative work.  At first I refused the request, then had a epiphany that led me to want to do this work.  I’m only partially finished after a month.

I have once again, at the last minute, signed up for NANOWRIMO 2016.  I don’t know hNANO2016ND.jpgow you find authors on NANOWRIMO but I use the same “handle” pretty much everywhere.  “aegiswiz”.  So if you are doing that and looking for me, maybe that information will help.  I bring this up because that will make posting much of anything in November extremely challenging.

Who knows, I may take up drinking coffee again and discard all that wasted time sleeping…

Thanks for your interest and check back.  The upcoming book reports are First Lensman, Lord John and the Custom of the Army, Dark Edge Prequel, The Daylight War, Confessor, Mesenger’s Legacy, Galactic Patrol, The Fifth Season (A Hugo Winner), Jilo, The Scottish Prisoner, The Omen Machine, The Partner, Open Minds and The Girl on the Train.  Look forward to writing about them.

Norm Davis aka aegiswiz.

Author: aegiswiz

Lifetime scholar of technology, sciences, building trades, management, writing, self help, religion, politics and much more. An avid reader and researcher with insatiable curiosity. Ardent US patriot who's served, body and soul, has never wavered from oaths to God, Constitution, country, freedom, and is avowed to defend this way of life from all enemies foreign and domestic.

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