Doubt by C.E. Tobisman

Performed by Carly Robins. An Audiobook Review.

The closer she gets to justice the further she gets from the law.



CE TobismanListened on 8/10/16 to 77%, and again on 8/18/16 to the end. I really liked it. 4 of 5 stars. I recommend this book wholeheartedly, first to the lovers of the genre, and second to anyone who enjoys any genre.
ImmediateThumbs up h150w198ly I said to myself this is by Marcia Clark. I tried to pin it down exactly. It was an audio-book, so it may have been the same reader. I thought the vocabulary, voice, tempo, and cadence sounded like “Blood Defense” by Marcia Clark. My bad.

I soon forgot the similarity as I was consumed by a murder within the first few pages. Once hooked around 7pm, it was still refusing to let go at midnight. I didn’t make into bed until well past 3 AM. The last 3 hours of debate in my head, at each new chapter, was regarding my ability to remain awake. At chapter 15 the sandman was winning the battle and I was forced to stop.

Doubt by C.E. Tobisman, performed by Carly Robins review continued…

tying shoe 120h+w.jpgThis isn’t my normal genre. It was an Amazon Prime Member Kindle First book, chosen a month before it was published for free. I thought I selected it because I saw it would only have an audio CD, so I bought that too. Turns out, I didn’t choose the book, or just as likely Amazon failed me once again, then when it did come out it had my cherished whispersync audio. Lose-lose seems my normal relationship with Amazon this year. Where I did not lose was taking a chance on C.E. Tobisman.
Lawyer graduate
Caroline Auden is our unlikely heroine. She isn’t immediately introduced. We get a nice murder to start us out running. Then we meet Caroline, but she’s no gumshoe detective, she’s a tech geek who took a change in occupation and was nervously going to her first day of work as a lawyer. No… stop with the lawyer jokes. Caroline is good people and I tell you that as the biggest spoiler I usually offer. If you like the protagonist who will certainly face nightmare after nightmare, always in doubt as the she is given too much responsibility on her first day. Her first case is a bazillion dollar class action suit to work on…. just to go over the research since she has some tech background.

I was feeling the vague mixture of a John Grisham’s “Pelican Brief” and “The Firm”. C.E. Tobisman’s ”Doubt” isn’t either of those books, maybe some of the best of both.
she spy
I was taken step by step deeper and deeper into the danger Caroline found herself in. Often uncertain of herself, her mentor, the firm’s top partner, gave her the encouragement to dig deeper.
doubtful look image
Most all good books are good characters overcoming all odds to master their real world tragedy and their own inner demons. I long ago lost touch with John Grisham and don’t revisit the genre often but I may notice if a Caroline Auden book crosses my path in my future. I’ll be making a budget decision between the quality of my diet verses several days of wonderful entertainment.

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