Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

A Book Review

One aspect of this series that kept me interested is how Mr. Westerfeld has incorporated real characters of the era into the events of his imaginary history


Goliath by Scott Westerfeld  Read in 2016 on 7/29 to page 101, on 8/6 to page 268 on 8/21 to the end.

I liked it, 3 of 5 stars and recommend it specifically to alternate history fantasy fans, science fiction and fantasy fans, generally to young adults, and finally to all comers who enjoy good fiction.
Goliath is the final book in an alternate history fantasy series that takes place in an altered World War I era. In the imaginary world various country’s have adapted one of two technologies. One is primarily organic where people have altered DNA of animals to suit the purposes we would generally think of as technology. They are referred to a Darwinist. Leviathan, the first book is named after, is a giant dirigible war aircraft developed by altering the DNA of a whale. The details are an interesting creative idea. Alternately various other country’s technology is based on mechanical constructions, but in this imaginary work the “Clankers” fashion their machines based largely on biology. For example armored vehicles built to engage in war walk on various number of legs depending on the vehicle. Continue reading “Goliath by Scott Westerfeld”

Doubt by C.E. Tobisman

Performed by Carly Robins. An Audiobook Review.

The closer she gets to justice the further she gets from the law.


CE TobismanListened on 8/10/16 to 77%, and again on 8/18/16 to the end. I really liked it. 4 of 5 stars. I recommend this book wholeheartedly, first to the lovers of the genre, and second to anyone who enjoys any genre.
ImmediateThumbs up h150w198ly I said to myself this is by Marcia Clark. I tried to pin it down exactly. It was an audio-book, so it may have been the same reader. I thought the vocabulary, voice, tempo, and cadence sounded like “Blood Defense” by Marcia Clark. My bad.

I soon forgot the similarity as I was consumed by a murder within the first few pages. Once hooked around 7pm, it was still refusing to let go at midnight. I didn’t make into bed until well past 3 AM. The last 3 hours of debate in my head, at each new chapter, was regarding my ability to remain awake. At chapter 15 the sandman was winning the battle and I was forced to stop.
Continue reading “Doubt by C.E. Tobisman”