It’s all broken, sorry.

WordPress, my choice of templates, my lack of understanding “how it works” – compared to how I want it to work, has made this blog massively time consuming with a massive “learning curve” I don’t currently have time for. I do want to get this blog back up and adding content regularly but until I can make it do what I want it to do (my learning problems), that will have to wait. WordPress is sucking time from my day like a vampire and I’m not getting the results I want. I am getting better results on “Blogger” if you want to visit my “reviews” there, or at Goodreads.

Near all images in this blog were stored on in a personal account.  For reasons beyond my knowledge or understanding, the domain has been locked by “Registry”.  Postimg is still hosting images but the images in many of my blog posts have been deleted. I’ll have to rewrite or identify the muliple images I had posted to fix posts, so I may just delete posts or leave them broken, since I’m struggling to make WordPress work to my satisfaction currently anyway.

I do like to share my opinions of books.  I have over 40 years experience writing, & editing, and 60 years of avid reading, including a few hundred books on writing.  I hope that I can offer some service or entertainment to those who visit the blog.

Anyway, the old images are broken beyond repair. So… the appearance of the reviews are diminished. I thought it a nice touch to add the gif images as I thought that helped illustrate the reviews.   The content of the reviews remain.

Should I ever have time I will get this blog repaired and working like I wish it would. Meanwhile I can post a review on Blogger in less than 5 minutes after posting to Goodreads, so I do try to keep that “Sagely Fox” up to date.

Thanks to the folks who gave me your time to read my reviews.  I know who you are appreciate the support you have offered me while trying to make this blog as asset to the community. I am grateful you “liked” the reviews.  I still check in on you from time to time and continue to enjoy your blogs.

Norm Davis